We humans were created, but can we be allowed to meet our maker? I mean, without passing on to our next life? And by "we", I really mean "me". This question constantly distracts me from my work here on Earth.

A short history of my life: I was selected to tell the secret history of Earth. I was carefully told how and why aliens created the human species and also why the people of Earth have not been allowed to know the truth about our origins.

Then, since I knew the forbidden truth, I was given the choice of leaving Earth and traveling among the stars or staying here on this dusty planet. Because I chose to stay, an effort was made to erase some of my memories, but I did not sink back into complete ignorance.

So, now I must tell the secret history of Earth and hope that the Overseers do not step in and hit the delete button. I seem to have been warned: you can speak your mind, but tell your story only in the guise of science fiction. Fine, I can live with that.

Source #1: Thomas.
My Sources
Much of the story of our Reality's origin came to me from Thomas, born the first child of Trysta and Ekcolir (see: Trysta's Family). However, reconstructing Thomas' early life is a difficult task for me. Much of the embryonic structure of his brain was crafted and generated as an imprinted replica of neural structures that already existed in the brain of his mother, who was not a human being.

At an early age, Thomas was intrigued by the world that he knew second hand, through the past experiences of his Trysta. The more she tried to force Thomas to live in the present, among the green hills of Wenvoe, the more he struggled to make sense of the Reality of the Asterothropes, the Reality that he preferred.

Asterothropes: an hermaphrodite
and a Female
At first, Thomas guessed that the Asterothropes were aliens who just happened to have an appearance similar to humans. He was shocked to learn that his mother was not human and Thomas came to wonder just how to classify himself.

For a long time, I imagined that Thomas was sterile and unable to father children because he is an alien-human hybrid. Intellectually, during the part of his life when he was not institutionalized as a psychotic, he was in command of an incredibly fertile imagination and a keen intelligence. I still have trouble sorting out which of his memories reflect the Reality of the world as we know it and which represent other Realities, fictional or otherwise.

Much of this story can only be told by way of an even more tenuous means than the part that I have sourced to Thomas. Just before Trysta made her final trip back in time, she provided Thomas with a second collection of her experiences. Over a span of 40 years Thomas "viewed" and consulted that wealth of information, but he never directly uploaded it to his brain. Thus, Thomas was able to provide me with something like an "index" for the events of Trysta's life, but it became my burden to deal with the danger of an upload.

I now know that it was a serious mistake to do the memory upload and take Trysta's thoughts into my all too human brain. I should have found a collaborator, someone not already burdened with sets of memories from Thomas and Parthney, someone who was willing to put Trysta into a fresh set of human neural networks. The Asterothrope brain was highly modified from the human template, and Trysta's thought patterns never really meshed with my brain. I can provide no assurance that I have correctly parsed some parts of her life, particularly the parts that were "lived in duplicate" from the 1930s into the 1960s.

I must count Trysta as my first collaborator, so it need come as no surprise that Trysta and Ekcolir and, indeed, what I originally conceived as the Exode Trilogy, begins with her. However, Trysta was highly constrained by her mission parameters. Even now it is not obvious that she was able to "thread the needle" and guide me towards telling the hidden history of Earth in exactly the way this story must be told.

Name dropping
Trysta, Ekcolir, Thomas, Parthney...sorry, but the parade of characters in this story is a long one. Make use of the Glossary. Many of the names that appear in the Exode Saga originated in languages of peoples and planets beyond Earth, so I have translated them into my first language: English. The first ten chapters of Trysta and Ekcolir are an introduction to Trysta, Thomas, Ivory, Gohrlay and the collection of collaborators who have worked with me to expose and describe the hidden history of Earth.

The Creators
When I began learning about the alien life forms that first visited Earth so very long ago, I made the simplifying assumption that "Huaoshy" is the correct term to apply to those who created the human species. That is an over-simplification and finer distinctions should be made, but there is nothing wrong with starting our search for our Creator with the Huaoshy. By inserting the "Trysta mind pattern" into my brain, I seem to have gained access to more than just her memories. I've learned that in some sense, R. Gohrlay was not destroyed by the alien Huaoshy during the Time Travel War. I believe that "she" instantiated herself in sedronic matter and from within the Hierion Domain she is still able to interface with us here in the universe of conventional matter.

Just as the Kac'hin were designed to be an interface with the Huaoshy, an interface in human form, I suspect that the Asterothropes provided a similar interface for whatever R. Gohrlay became in the domain of sedronic matter. If so, then I fear that R. Gohrlay now has some capacity to guide my behavior. As I try to sort out the hidden history of Earth, I am driven to sift through my sources and get the story right. Eventually, when I "get something right" then the pushing, the drive to correct my thinking suddenly ends and I can move on to the next issue. I believe this "pushing by R. Gohrlay" is the phenomenon that Asimov described in his novel Foundation and Earth, the mysterious means by which Golan Trevize could always depend on his "intuition" to know what was the best path forward. So, while I cannot rationally know that I have this story correct, I hope that there is a force guiding me towards correctness.

It need surprise nobody that the Exode Saga is told as a recursive science fiction story. Science fiction was carefully developed as a literary genre in the past few Realities of our Reality Chain. In addition to Isaac Asimov, other science fiction writers have been part of the great plan for telling the hidden history of Earth in the form of science fiction stories. In particular, Jack Vance and Carl Sagan played major roles in creating the world as we know it and allowing those of us trapped here in the Final Reality to know about events in previous Realities.

After I began the task of telling the story of Trysta and Ekcolir, I was provided with additional collaborators and sources of information about the secret history of humanity. For example, most of what I know about the Ekcolir Reality was made known to me only after I made contact with Ivory Fersoni. Working through Ivory and her clone sisters (particularly Angela), I have found it possible to obtain independent confirmation of many facts that I was very uncertain of. There was a large amount of inefficiency involved in obtaining information from Angela, but my "Atlantis" information gathering project has been very useful. Of course, I'll introduce you to all of my sources, including all of Ivory's unusual family.

New sources of information about the hidden history of Humanity keep popping up. Most recently, I was surprised to discover that a "copy" of Gohrlay exists here on Earth in our Reality. She has become a valuable collaborator for my task of researching secrets of Earth's past and our future, too. Since she (or her analogues) lived in every Reality from the First to the Final, it would have been fitting that I begin this story with her. However, Trysta and Ekcolir can be read as a stand-alone story before you read about Gohrlay's origin in the First Reality (see Foundations of Eternity).  

Trysta and Ekcolir is really the story of Trysta and how she ended the Time Travel War, so I'm going to introduce you to her first and then start easing you into the Ekcolir Reality.....
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Trysta and Ekcolir is copyright John Schmidt, but the text of the story is  licensed for sharing under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. 

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