Trysta and Ekcolir: the hidden history of Earth.

Is the pen mightier than swords?
Trysta deploys a crack team of
science fiction story writers plucked
out of Time from within the Golden Age
of Science Fiction. Their mission: to defeat
the alien invaders who control Earth!
Trysta and Ekcolir - science fiction adventure

Humans were designed, crafted and cultured on Earth. In turn, Asterothropes were created as the logical successor to the human species and carefully engineered to efficiently spread from Earth outward through the stars. But all the carefully laid plans for Earth failed!

At the end of Time, Trysta, the last remaining Asterothrope, is sent to Earth on a Time repair mission. She is met by Ekcolir, the prototype Ek'col, a human variant designed by the alien Huaoshy. He was carefully trained to gain Trysta's trust and prevent her from using time travel to disrupt Earth's history.

Can the Time-twisted love of Trysta and Ekcolir guide them towards a better future for Earth? Together they must find a way to survive nuclear war, prevent catastrophic sea level rise and avoid extinction of the human species due to Humanity's exploitation of advanced technologies. Most importantly, can they liberate Earth from the alien Huaoshy?
Table of Contents 
The Exode pentalogy:
1. A Search Beyond
2. Foundations of Eternity 
3. Trysta and Ekcolir
4. Exode
5. The First Reality

Trysta and Ekcolir is copyright John Schmidt, but the text of the story is  licensed for sharing under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. 

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