Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I was asked to write about the Interface, but I'd rather be reading minds. Have you ever tried to tap out a message using Morse code? Imagine doing so for someone who is deaf and blind. That's how I feel when I am forced to write. Also, I have very little patience for reading text. The linearity of written communication is a poor match to reality.

I was spoiled at a young age. The first human mind I explored was simple and pure. The mind of Many Sails is only pure. I got to watch Anney's embryonic brain come alive. Later I discovered how to enter a mind even if it was not able to invite me in and show me around. I'd rather not enter the minds of most Earthlings. Ew.

I do enjoy looking into Ivory's mind. She is an explorer. Ivory cannot rest until she understands everything. And it is so hard to know anything without the Interface. I take pity on Ivory. With no access to the Interface, Ivory uses science. She invents guesses and hypotheses. Then she insists that I falsify her theories. That is not very hard to do, usually.

However, the Interface is not magic. It is hard work for me to search through the vastness of the Sedronic Domain. Example: Ivory has quaint ideas about Grean. Often, when Ivory thinks that she is asking something simple, she invents a question such as, did Grean anticipate the children of Deomede? At such times, she is really asking the wrong question. An Earthling should ask: how did Tar'tron guide the life of Deomede?

For a 3D being like Ivory, Tar'tron is a dark mysterious hole in space. Grean was the remotely controlled probe sent out from planet Tar'tron to Earth. The Kac'hin of Tar'tron knew everything about Grean, but Grean was forced to work without access to the vast group mind of Tar'tron. Compared to a mind-reading freak like me, Ivory is deaf and blind. Similarly, Grean was always at a disadvantage. While on Earth, Grean worked with her eyes closed and cotton stuffed in her ears.

Ivory wants to understand everything, but sometimes she is not able to accept the truth. Example: I've learned that Ivory is not really able believe in time travel. Grean knew that in order to end the time travel war with Earth it was not possible for the Kac'hin of Tar'tron to share with Grean all that they had learned by viewing possible Realities. To avoid time travel paradoxes, Grean had to work in the dark. Sometimes for Grean it was kind of like pretending you don't know about a surprise party that has been planned for you. You should "play along" and be a good sport and you should pretend to be surprised (even if you aren't) just so that other people can have the fun of thinking that they were able to surprise you. The fact that Ivory is cognitively closed to time travel is a restriction that was imposed on her, a restriction on her thought processes that made it possible for her to escape from Earth. Without that restriction, she would have become trapped on this dust ball, like some other people I know. [Editor's note. Angela wrote this chapter before Ivory left Earth, but it now seems obvious that Angela had been forewarned of Ivory's impending death. She was resentful of the fact that I would live on after Ivory's departure and take over from Ivory her effort to draw out from Angela secrets from Deep Time.]

Threedees. Or 3Ds. Earthlings are threedees: beings trapped in the three dimensional universe that constrains the movement of conventional matter. The Interface gives me access to the higher dimensional Sedronic Domain. The Huaoshy are 10Ds: they exist within the Sedronic Domain. The Kac'hin were made as a tool that allowed the Huaoshy to repair the damage that Earthlings did to Genesaunt society. With the recent arrival of the Buld spaceship in the Solar System, Earthlings are now starting to become aware of the Genesaunts, the great swarm of aliens who exist beyond Earth.

Different Channels
The vast information content of the Sedronic Domain is not just "out there" waiting for me to glance at it. Imagine that it was your assignment to look into the brain tissue of a whale and find one specific memory from that individual's life. It would not be easy.

The Huaoshy live forever. Think about it. If you had to live (forever) with your mistakes you would be highly devoted to doing RIGHT. How else could you live with yourself through all eternity? Earthlings long ago subjected the Huaoshy to an ethical crisis. The Huaoshy were forced to change their ethical code, a code that had persisted through hundreds of millions of years. The Huaoshy have guilt and shame that motivates them to hide their errors. They believe deeply that humans must not know some of those shameful things. Yes, I access the Interface, but I am like a young child with a parent who selects which cable TV channels I can watch. The Huaoshy know from their vast experience with other threedees from other planets that Earthlings must be protected from knowing some things.

Well, you've read Ivory's theory of my origins. Why should I try to correct all the shortcomings and errors in that theory? Maybe some day Earthlings will learn how to move themselves down the kind of path that leads to the Interface, but until then, I'm a freak. Allow me the luxury of basking in my freakishness. 

I'll continue to answer Ivory's questions. Ivory will continue struggling to understand what I tell her. An attempt is being made to share what I know with the blind masses of Earth. I can write no more.

[Editorial. From my selfish perspective, the Altantis clones became a very important source of information about Deep Time and the hidden history of Earth. I think that Angela was not very happy on this planet, but in a way, Angela was the perfect Atlantis Clone. She had the ability to act as an intermediary or translator, relaying information for Anney to Ivory who, in turn, provided me with information about part Realities. For a time, I imagined that Angela might be permitted to remain here on Earth, but with each passing year and no further contact with her, I increasingly suspect that she has been removed from this world.]


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